Shaganappi Point LRT station

JEMM’s newest project is a proposed residential development just steps away from the Shaganappi Point LRT station. This project continues JEMM’s vision of providing housing options for people seeking to live a less car dependent lifestyle in Transit Oriented Neighbourhoods. A Land Use Application has been submitted to support this project and we are seeking your feedback.

This project is currently open for public comments.
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The Site

JEMM’s Shaganappi site is located at 27th Street and 12th avenue SW just south of Bow Trail and just 100  metres from the Shaganappi Point LRT Station. Directly to the east of the site is “The Giordano” a new 5-storey residential development.  The area to the south and west of the site is characterized by a mix of first-generation single-family homes, infill development and newer multi-family developments.

The site’s location makes it ideal for residential development because of the following site attributes:

  • 2 minute walk from the Shaganappi Point LRT Station, providing direct access to downtown
  • Proximity to the 17th avenue main street corridor offering walkable access to shops, services, and amenities
  • 300 metres from the Shaganappi Point Golf Course, offering walkable access to year-round recreational activities. Golf in the Spring/Summer/Fall and cross-country skiing in the winter.
  • Close access to the Bow River pathway system providing biking and walking access to Calgary’s network of open spaces

Development Vision

JEMM is committed to progressive Transit Oriented Developments that contribute density and vibrancy surrounding transit stations. By encouraging active modes of transportation, like walking and biking, we hope to reduce the amount of cars on our streets and our environmental footprint This development proposes the following key components:

  • A 100% residential building offering a variety of unit types and sizes
  • A reduced number of parking stalls to benefit a less car-dependent lifestyle and reduce overall housing costs for all residents of the building
  • Enhanced cycle infrastructure to accommodate alternative modes of travel

Design Approach

Critical to JEMM’s development philosophy is to contribute to the evolution of the neighbourhoods they invest in by designing projects that integrate sensitively into the existing fabric. The following diagrams demonstrate the design principles that JEMM is committing to ensure that the development respects the existing context.

Following engagement with community residents, Jemm revised the massing to help address some of the concerns raised by residents about the height, bulk and stepbacks of the proposed development.

Step 1 Increase setbacks on the northwest and southeast areas of the site to vary the façade and align with the contextual setbacks of neighbouring properties.

Step 2 Reduce the height of the southern portion of the building to 5 storeys to create a transition to the lower height homes to the south.

Revised Step 2 Step the southern portion of the building down along 27 Street to 5 storeys to create additional articulation in the façade.

Step 3 Further reduce the south edge of the building to match the height allowed development to the south

Revised Step 3 Increase the width of the step down along the south property line to be consistent with policy 3.3(4) of the Shaganappi Point Area Redevelopment Plan.

Step 4 Create a building that integrates with the neighbourhood

Revised Step 4

Proposed Land Use

To enable the development of the proposed building, a land use amendment application has been submitted to the City of Calgary. The application proposes to change the site’s land use designation to a Direct Control (DC) district based on the Multi-Residential – Contextual Medium Profile District (M-C2). The DC district is required to create the customized building stepbacks and parking rates.

The DC District is proposed to be based on M-C2 and include:

  • Max 3.2 FAR, 22.5m Height
  • Customized Stepback rules
  • Reduced parking rate of 0.5 stalls/unit (no change to visitor parking requirements)
  • Increased bicycle parking to 0.75 stalls/unit

ARP Amendment

The proposed development intends to meet the overall intent of the Shaganappi Point ARP by providing medium density development along 12 Avenue near the Shaganappi Point LRT station while being contextually sensitive to the adjacent low density development. The proposed ARP amendment is necessary to allow for a building design that would allow for the north portion of the building to be six storeys (up to 22.5m) along 12 Avenue and then step down to five storeys for the southern portion of the building, and further stepping down to three storeys within ten metres of the south property line. The additional building height along 12 Avenue and Bow Trail will help reduce the noise impacts from Bow Trail and the LRT and provide for an articulated building design.

Process Timeline

December 2020

1. Development Vision
December 2020

February 2021

2. Land Use Application Submission
February 2021

February – April 2021

3. Application Circulation + DTR Response
February – April 2021

March/April 2021

4. Public Consultation
March/April 2021

May 2021

5. Calgary Planning Comission
May 2021

June 2021

6. City Council Public Hearing
June 2021

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Christine Leung
Senior Planner, City of Calgary 

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