September 2020

Car-free and Carefree in Bridgeland

Calgarians choosing to live in Bridgeland-Riverside have plenty of choice when it comes to living life car-free.

With fewer Canadians – especially Albertans – buying vehicles it makes you wonder, how are they getting around?

Calgarians choosing to live in Bridgeland-Riverside have plenty of choice when it comes to living life car-free. Most options are cheaper than car ownership yet offer priceless ways to explore the neighbourhood on paths that won’t always start and end with a parking stall.


  1. Just Hoof It

According to , people living in Bridgeland can walk to an average of 2 restaurants, bars or coffee shops in 5 minutes.  With over 66 places to grab a bite in the area, plus amazing grocery options like Bridgeland Market, there isn’t much need for daily driving.


Dedicated urban hikers, who are interested in learning a little along the way, can check out Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association for a series of self-guided neighbourhood walks.


  1. Spin Your Wheels

Bridgeland-Riverside is a cyclist’s playground, with immediate connectivity to Calgary’s 1,000 km regional pathway system, the most extensive urban pathway and bikeway network in North America. For urban riders who know the importance of co-existing safely with drivers, there are dedicated bicycle lanes, on-street bikeways and shared lanes in and around Bridgeland.

With the benefit of a bike, cyclists can make a day out of visiting each of the 13 bridges located within a short ride of Bridgeland.


  1. Hop on the Bus (or Train)

Easy access to mass transit is a game-changer for people who are serious about making car-free living work in a big city. With the Bridgeland-Memorial C-Train platform only steps away, and two major bus lines in the area, transit users can expect to get to all four quadrants of the city and major civic amenities within 30 minutes. The cost of a monthly pass is only $109 per month, a far cry from the cost of owning and maintaining a car.


  1. Plan to Share

Sometimes a big rush or a heavy load makes it necessary to find the right transportation for the job. Companies like Communauto offer car sharing, and electric scooters are available from Lime, Bird and Roll. The list of car-free options that are big on fun but low on commitment is growing all the time.


JEMM Properties’ newest development, The Bridge, is under construction in the heart of Bridgeland and just a 2-minute walk from the Bridgeland-Memorial C-Train station. The Bridge will support residents who prefer the flexibility of a car-free lifestyle with access to enhanced bike storage and car sharing. The Bridge also offers cutting edge convenience that keeps the fun going, with electronic parcel delivery and smart home technology. Register at to get all the details.

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