The Hive in Sunnyside

JEMM is planning an exciting new development on 9A Street NW that fulfills the vision of the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) and showcases best practices in Transit Oriented Development.

Demolition, site clearing and preparation are now underway and will last 4-6 weeks.


JEMM’s Sunnyside site is located at 223-231 9A Street NW. The site is bordered to the north by a mid-rise multi-residential building, to the east by 9A Street and the LRT, to the west by a public lane, and to the south by low density detached homes.

Benefits of the Location

This site is located near the intersection of two Main Streets (as identified in Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan), the Sunnyside LRT Station, the Bow River, and the downtown core. Already a vibrant inner-city neighbourhood, the proposed development will further solidify Kensington as one of Calgary’s most complete communities.

Access and Mobility

JEMM is committed to progressive Transit Oriented Developments that contribute density and vibrancy surrounding transit stations. By encouraging active modes of transportation, like walking and biking, we hope to reduce the amount of cars on our streets and our environmental footprint.

The site’s ideal location provides convenient access to community amenities and many forms of transportation:

  • Proximity to shops and services, including schools, groceries, health and fitness facilities, and restaurants.
  • Proximity to mass transit, including the Sunnyside LRT Station.
  • Adjacent to the 9A Street NW bike lane, which connects to Calgary’s broader network including the Bow River Pathway, Peace Bridge, and downtown bike routes.

Development Vision

JEMM’s vision for this 9A Street NW site is to create a mid-rise multi-residential building that showcases our commitment to best practices in sustainable city-building.

This proposal is grounded in the following key principles:

  • Optimize the site’s location near transit, especially the Sunnyside LRT Station located just 300 metres to the north.
  • Increase housing options near Main Streets to support local businesses, walkability, and livability.
  • Fulfill the vision of the Hillhurst-Sunnyside ARP by creating a truly transit-oriented development.
  • Prioritize people over cars by ensuring the development supports active modes (walking, biking).
  • Ensure a high-quality public realm with an emphasis on a safe, active, and inviting streetscape.

This project is currently open for public comments. Please review the information provided here and share your comments at the bottom of this page.

Hillhurst-Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan

The site is located within the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Study Area Boundary of the ARP, which recognizes the importance of supporting transit, encouraging walking and cycling as opposed to vehicles, and reducing our environmental impact.

Within this TOD Study Area, JEMM’s site is identified as Medium-density Mid-rise. Development is limited to a maximum of floor area ratio (FAR) of 5.0 so long as density bonus items as outlined in the ARP are provided. Buildings in this area can be up to 27 metres tall (approximately eight-storeys).

JEMM’s proposal conforms to the ARP regulations.

ARP Density Map – Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
ARP Height Map – Building Height in Metres

Proposed Land Use Change

As the first step in the process, a land use amendment (rezoning) application has been submitted to the City. To best address the context of the site, the requirements of the ARP, and JEMM’s progressive vision, a Direct Control (DC) based on the Multi-Residential – High Density Medium Rise (M-H2) District is being proposed.


Multi-Residential – Contextual Medium Profile (M-C2)

Height: Maximum building height of 16 metres (approximately five-storeys)

Density: Maximum floor area ratio (FAR) of 2.5 (2.5 x site area)



Direct Control based on Multi-Residential – High Density Medium Rise (M-H2)

Height: Maximum building height of 27 metres (approximately eight-storeys)

Density: Maximum floor area ration (FAR) of 5.0 (5 x site area)

Parking: Remove residential parking requirement and establish requirements for visitor parking

PARKING: Why remove residential parking minimums from the zoning?

  • By removing the residential parking requirements from the zoning, JEMM can focus on providing the most appropriate amount of parking based on their market research, anticipated tenant profiles, and site context. The cost savings from not providing more parking than necessary are passed directly to tenants in the form of lower rents.
  • This approach to parking is perfectly suited to this site, given its proximity to existing mass transit, designated Main Streets, the ARP’s vision, and the downtown core. It also reflects current trends in urban living and the opportunity to showcase a sustainable and economically viable approach to development.

Process Timeline

January 2020

1. Development Vision
January 2020

April 2020

2. Land Use Application Submission
April 2020

April – May 2020

3. Application Circulation + DTR Response
April – May 2020

May 2020

4. Public Consultation
May 2020

May 6, 2020

5. Calgary Planning Comission
May 6, 2020

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