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JEMM has a dynamic and vibrant vision for the redevelopment of this landmark location at the corner of 9A Street & 3 Avenue for new purpose-built rental that fulfills the vision of the Hillhurst- Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan and showcases best practices in Transit Oriented Development.


JEMM’s Kensington site is located at 1001 3 Ave NW and 335 9A Street NW. The site is bordered to the north by a Safeway grocery story, to the east by 9A Street and the LRT, to the west by a public lane and to the south by the Annex- Minto Sales Centre.

Site Context

This site is located near two Main Streets of 10 Street NW and Kensington Rd NW (as identified in Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan), the Sunnyside LRT Station, Riley Park and the Bow River. The site is surrounded by a variety of community amenities including the Kensington Safeway to the north, several commercial food shops to the west, multi-residential to the south and the Sunnyside LRT Station to the east. Given its prominent location, the site has an opportunity to play a significant role in intensifying the 9A street corridor, enabling transit oriented development. Already a vibrant inner-city neighbourhood, the proposed development will further solidify Kensington as one of Calgary’s most complete communities.

Access and Mobility

Given the proximity to the Red Line LRT (Sunnyside Station Stop) and active bus routes, the site is subject to Calgary’s Transit Oriented Development Guidelines. The TOD Policy Guidelines provide direction for development of areas within 600 metres of an LRT Transit station encouraging the following:

  • Increase density around Transit Stations
  • Create pedestrian-oriented design
  • Ensure transit supportive land uses
  • Foster a ‘sense of place’ and contribute to creating attractive communities


The proposed development will contribute to achieving an engaging, high quality transit-oriented development adjacent to an existing LRT Station. The subject site is adjacent to the 9A Street NW bike lane, providing connections to Calgary’s broader network including the Bow River pathway, Peace Bridge and downtown Bike routes. Increasing density in this area will encourage transit ridership, utilization of walking paths and cycling routes to access employment and community amenities to reduce the number of cars on our streets and ultimately the environmental footprint.

Development Vision

The Development Vision for this landmark location has been formed through considering the rich context and history of the site. 3rd Avenue and 9A Street provide different scales and pedestrian experiences, and as such the design must carefully respond to the interface requirements of 3rd Ave NW and 9A St NW accordingly. Implementing setbacks, podiums, balconies, and detailing elements contribute to create a unique and cohesive design.

Ultimately, JEMM’s vision for this site is to create a high quality multi-residential building that showcases our commitment to best practices in sustainable city building.  

One storey podium with tower step backed from the street

Create 2-storey town homes on 3 Ave NW to reference Lunenburg Apartments. Shift northwest corner of podium to define the entrance.

Create movement on facade by pulling out balconies that step down and wrap the building.

Incorporate arch detailing elements

Layer on a rich material palette to elevate the building and create a cohesive design.

The proposal is grounded in the following key principles:

  • Optimize the site’s location near transit, particularly the Sunnyside LRT Station located 100 metres north of the subject site.
  • Increasing housing opportunities near designated Main Streets to support local businesses, walkability and livability.
  • Fulfill the vision of the Hillhurst Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan by creating a truly transit-oriented development.
  • Prioritize people over cars by ensuring the development supports active modes (walking, cycling).
  • Ensure a high quality public realm with an emphasis on safe, active, and inviting streetscape.

Design Inspiration

Throughout the project, a robust and refined material palette is used in conjunction with expressive arched detailing to elevate the design. The material proposed includes: brick, wood-look metal, fibre cement panels, and custom metal guardrails.

Hillhurst- Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan

The subject site is designated ‘Medium Density Mid-Rise Area’ within the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). The land use designation also enables higher density development through the use of high quality urban design, adhering to the design principles and guidelines of the ARP. Development within this designation is intended to create an urban edge, encouraging “eyes on the street” and fostering a strong pedestrian experience.

The proposed development is consistent with the vision of the medium density mid rise area designation, encouraging a variety of housing which is compatible in built form and frames the street edge.

Density and Building Height

Within the Hillhurst-Sunnyside ARP, maximum densities and building heights are attached to each block within the TOD area, ensuring new development contributes to the vibrancy of the street network and supports complete communities. Development is limited to a maximum floor area ratio (FAR) of 5.0 if density bonussing is provided based on requirements of the ARP.  

The subject site has been assigned a maximum building height of 26.0 metres, supporting taller buildings which contribute to a pedestrian-oriented TOD area. New developments will be required to achieve a high standard of architectural and urban design to ensure projects positively contribute to the public realm. The proposed development will achieve many of the objectives of the ARP, particularly regarding higher densities within a TOD Area.

In order to achieve the development vision, an ARP Amendment is required to increase the maximum building height and density to achieve its true potential.

Land Use Amendment

Existing Land Use M-C2

(Multi-Residential- Contextual Medium Profile)

  • Enabling multi-residential development near community nodes and transportation corridors
  • Maximum Density: 2.5 FAR
  • Maximum Height: 16.0 metres

Proposed Land Use MU-1

(Mixed Use- General)

  • To enable a vibrant, high quality multi-residential development within a Transit Oriented Development
  • Density: 9 FAR
  • Maximum Height: 50 metres

Process Timeline

January 2022

1. Development Vision
January 2022

May 2022

2. Land Use Application Submission
May 2022

Spring/ Summer 2022

3. Public Consultation
Spring/ Summer 2022

Summer 2022

4. Application Circulation + DTR Response
Summer 2022

Winter 2022/2023

5. Public Engagement
Winter 2022/2023

Winter 2023

6. Calgary Planning Commission
Winter 2023

Winter 2023

7. City Council Public Hearing
Winter 2023
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