MAY 2020

Construction Begins at Bridge

Site Work Is Underway

JEMM, together with our general contractor team at ITC Construction, is excited to announce the start of construction at Bridge.

How is construction progressing?
Construction is off to a smooth start!  We will begin with Shoring and Piling, followed by Excavation and then Lagging. This initial phase of site preparation work will last about two months.

What are the working hours?
A typical workday during this phase will be from 7AM to 5:30PM, though some days work could extend to 8:00PM.

Is there going to be a lot of noise and dust?
As with any construction project, there will be some loud banging and some noise associated with our equipment and the delivery of concrete and other heavy materials.  On windy days, our General Contractors will try to modify work whenever possible to minimize blowing dust. We will also install a green net around the site to help keep debris contained on windy days.

Who is the contact person for questions or concerns about construction at Bridge?
We understand that the construction process can feel disruptive for people living nearby the site.  Anyone with questions or concerns about how work is progressing at Bridge is encouraged to reach out to Ron Jordan, ITC Senior Project Manager via email at

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